Are you ready to cultivate the self-awareness, courage, and resilience needed to lead the change you believe the world needs?
Rootwise Leadership


We coach leaders and organizations towards healing, transformation, and impact.

The Rootwise Method connects ancient wisdom and innovative leadership development theories to support you in leading with purpose, presence, values, and voice:
Leadership and organizational development from the inside out.
Rootwise Leadership


I’m Perry (she/her). And I’m here to help you get aligned and unstuck.

When I started my career, I was a 22-year-old single mom with a chip on her shoulder. In my mind, I needed to work faster, shine brighter, and commit harder to the mission than anyone else. I succeeded, but I was burnt to a crisp in six years. I decided to leave a great role leading a large development portfolio – without a next move in mind – and gave myself three months to figure things out.

I spent those months loving on my son, dabbling in self-care practices, and reflecting on what mattered most to me at work. How could I bring my whole self into leadership? 

Since that time, I’ve gone to seminary to learn from the wisdom traditions; helped build a non-profit organization with a non-traditional collective leadership model; accompanied 100s of people through deep inward searching, healing, discovery, failure, and success; trained 1000s of emergent and established social change leaders in the principles of authentic and collective leadership; and facilitated 100s of difficult conversations about purpose, values, equity, healing, and much more.

I connect ancient wisdom practices and innovative leadership theory to help leaders at all stages of their careers develop the skills to boldly lead social, environmental, and cultural change. I will accompany you in doing the vulnerable work of figuring out how you can lead change from the inside out.


The Rootwise Leadership online learning hub supports you in unlocking healing, transformation, and impact through free online resources. The social change sector needs you at your best. Begin today!
Rootwise Leadership
Perry Dougherty

Is COACHING for you?

Are you seeking to overcome insecurities and uncertainties? To lead with clarity and courage? To heal? To transform? To have a greater impact? I will meet you right where you are in your leadership journey and inspire your authentic growth from that place forward.
Discover your greatest gifts. Slow down. Listen to what others are saying. Change the bad habits that get in your way. Lead.


Whether your team is thriving or struggling, we’ll help you bring care and intention to organizational learning and development. We are committed to supporting organizations in creating the conversations, programs, and training opportunities that meet their unique needs.
Cultivate shared purpose. Activate values. Center equity and inclusion. Have the difficult conversations. Develop a leaderful team.
Rootwise Leadership

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Toyosi Olowoyeye 2
Toyosi Olowoyeye

Program Manager

Rootwise Leadership consists of some of the most compassionate, self-aware, human-centered, and wise professionals I have ever had the honor of working with. Rootwise Leadership consists of some of the most compassionate, self-aware, human-centered, and wise professionals I have ever had the honor of working with.

Ali Lutz headshot
The Rev. Ali Lutz

Instructor of Ministerial Leadership & Social Ethics

The [Mindful Leader Class] design and facilitation promoted learning that went deeper than simply acquiring new information. Combining theory and practice, the class gave me concrete points to anchor my critical reflection and action as a leader committed to justice, compassion, and healing in this moment and under any circumstance.

Flippable B5 Catherine Vaughan
Catherine Vaughan

Management Consultant

In facilitation and training contexts, Perry invests a lot of time and energy up-front in understanding where our team is, what our challenges are, and how she can craft a thoughtful agenda and session to meet our needs. She is an expert facilitator, creating a safe space where people feel comfortable opening up and sharing feedback. 

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