The Collective Leadership Certificate

Don’t lead alone.
Learn to lead collectively.

Join us for a transformational executive coaching & training experience that will support you in leading teams that share power, learning, and trust.

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Traditional models of control and comply leadership will not work to solve today’s problems. Leaders need to energize each other with mutual trust, accountability, and honest communication. A leader’s job today is to create the conditions where transformation happens collectively, power and learning is shared, and values are acted upon together.

The Collective Leadership Certificate Program will prepare you to release any notion that control and comply behaviors will work and open you up to new ways of leading with others.

Program Details

Applications for the 2023 cohort will open by September 2022.

In reviewing applications, we will be attentive to the balance of identities and experiences that make up the cohort. We will prioritize space for folks who are ready and able to begin implementing on the practices and principles of collective leadership in their day-to-day paid and/or unpaid work.

In applying to the program, we ask that you commit to attending all of the workshop dates and participating fully in all of the executive coaching and peer coaching sessions. 

The program runs for five months from January through May. Over the course of the program, you will complete:

  • Six 4-hour workshops
  • Two 90-minute executive coaching sessions
  • Four 90-minute peer group coaching sessions

Download the info sheet for all of the 2022 dates and details. Details for the 2023 cohort are not yet available. All programming is conducted on live, interactive Zoom meetings.

We ask that you plan on attending all of the workshop dates and participating fully in all of the executive coaching and peer coaching sessions. If you know that your schedule will not allow this, we make space for you to have one planned absence. If you know now that will need to miss more than that, we ask you to consider the program again next year.

The investment for the full program, executive coaching, materials, and certificate is $3500.

We offer the program on a sliding scale as a commitment to creating access to a wide range of leaders across the social change ecosystem. We have two scales based on whether you are paying on your own or your organization is paying for you.

Pay What You Can: $750 – $3500

Based on Resources:
$1500 (budget <$200,000)
$2500 (budget <$750,000)
$3500 (budget >$750,000)
(50% off each additional team member who joins)

Note: Each year we offer some full scholarships to people who demonstrate both financial need as well as capacity to integrate and apply the collective leadership principles in their setting in healing, transformative, and impactful ways. If you need a full scholarship to participate, please indicate it on your application.

It can be incredibly transformative to participate with a team member or two. It can also be challenging to navigate the different power dynamics that might show up in our learning together when some people have their close colleagues present.

We ask that ALL members of teams fill out individual applications. There may be a circumstance where, due to application numbers and cohort building priorities, we cannot accept all members of your team for the current cohort, but we will do our best to accommodate teams as we are able. We will offer 50% off of the tuition for each additional team member who joins.

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a Certificate in Collective Leadership. Alumni are encouraged to continue community building and learning through ongoing quarterly workshops and other events offered only to those with the Certificate in Collective Leadership.

We love to receive any and all nominations to the program. If you know of an amazing someone who would thrive in this program, please let us know who that someone is here. Each year we offer some full scholarships to people who demonstrate both financial need as well as capacity to integrate and apply the collective leadership principles in their setting in healing, transformative, and impactful ways. So, please don’t let financial access be a barrier to making a nomination.

Click here to nominate someone.

Lead for healing, transformation, & impact

We need leaders who are ready to be trailblazers in this movement for collective leadership. Join us to:
  • Put awareness and transformation into principled action.
  • Receive meaningful feedback from those who know you best.
  • Transform old habits by grounding in presence and values.
  • Learn to cultivate the conditions for collective leadership.
  • Practice relationship. Practice process. Practice presence.
  • Relax, connect, and reflect with an amazing group of leaders.


The complexity of the world’s current challenges will not be met by an individual heroic leader, but rather by groups of people working together at their best in pursuit of change. With rises in technology, globalization, public health crises, culture shifts, and complex economies, the demands on leadership have fundamentally changed.

The world needs more people who are equipped to co-create the collective leadership structures that will meet the needs of our time. We invite you to become one of those leaders!

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what people are saying

Tyler Nelson

Technical Advisor

This program brought clarity for me in how my work and values are or are not aligned, and provided useful and practical tools in a meaningful way to further harmonize them. Training one and training two exceeded my expectations.

Savior Mendin

Country Manager

The most supportive part of the program was the collective leadership modeling both Eliza and Perry demonstrated through out the training, which is worth emulating. Introducing the core group agreements, keeping the core materials to a manageable level without requiring any significant pre-work prior to these trainings were really helpful. 

Inés Mazas

Social Innovation Consultant

[The program] created a space of trust, care and compassion that allowed everyone to share about professional and personal struggles while feeling heard and supported, focusing on opening to uncomfortable questions, silence and trust rather than seeking quick and simple answers. A wonderful collective and personal inner journey.

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