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The Case for Rest for Black People on MLK Day

Encouraging Black Americans to commit to community service during their time off is to minimize the focus Dr. King placed on racial disparity. …

Humble Kindness: An Interview with Dr. Aaron Shapiro

“Especially working in a ‘hot-spot’ hospital through the height of COVID, the concept of, ‘be kind because you don’t know what someone else is going through,’ has been such an unforgivingly salient mantra for me….

How to Recognize Moral Injury at Work

When people with power, authority, and choice take action that betrays the purpose or ethic that they espouse, it can cause a deep moral wound for them and for those who work with them….
Rootwise Leadership

What is authentic leadership?

We gravitate to one of the most simple definitions of authentic leadership: An authentic leader is a true representative of their beliefs and values in thought, in action…
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The Path to Resilience

Resilience is not simply about about getting rid of the pain we experience quickly (though many may want you to confuse this kind of psychological toughness with resilience). The movement toward resilience is a movement toward wholeness through understanding….

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